The Dark as story

With over 20 years of experience as a competitor and 16 years judging, it has always been obvious that tanning is a problem in bodybuilding.
Dirty, green and grey messy tans spoiling what could be show winning physiques.
Dream tan had a great colour but was messy and sticky and unpleasant. Others have come along but often resulted in a strange green or grey tinge. 

I realised then that we needed a dark rich tan, easy to apply that didn’t stress out the athlete.
After months of research, testing and development we came up with Dark As....
It covers all bases.
It is very easy to apply with a deep rich colour similar to the dream tan colour that was so well loved.
It dries quickly and doesn’t run easily.
It is also very easy to remove and leaves a very natural healthy colour.
With Dark As... there is no longer any need for a bad tan to ruin your hard contest prep

The perfect contest tan has finally arrived!

Vicky Mccann

Vicky McCann

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